Believe the Science? An Ever-Evolving Truth.

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I must admit, I am a fighter, stubborn as they come. I have battled science and won. I have been a “teacher” to the scientific world. I know better than to “believe the science” because science is an ever-evolving journey to find truths we do not know yet. I believe in the process. I believe… Continue reading Believe the Science? An Ever-Evolving Truth.

It’s Not Pointless, It’s Passion

And there is a reason we have passion! Today after work I was in kind of a blah mood. I have been wanting to find an escape of sorts. Somewhere by the water, a stream in the mountains…or maybe a place by the ocean. Somewhere where I can just kind of absorb into my surroundings…somewhere… Continue reading It’s Not Pointless, It’s Passion

Lap Blanket Therapy

Suicide isn’t the answer… But, what is? A few weeks ago, after a great Mother’s Day lunch with the adult “kids”, in-laws, great-grandmotherof honor and grandchildren, I returned home thankful for all I have been blessed with.Who knew that less than 24 hours later that I would find myself in a hospitalER room next to… Continue reading Lap Blanket Therapy