Desire, Dream, Do and Delegate

I woke up this morning with the words Dream, Do, and Delegate in my head. As I was coming down stairs, the word Desire also manifested itself. Now it is spelled out like this:
Desire – “Lord, give me the desires of my heart”
Dream – Start turning those Desires into Dreams and aspirations
Do – Allow God to manifest those Dreams into action steps, and follow through
Delegate – What you are unable to do, delegate.
Among those four words, I am coming to realize that as each word is acted upon, another door opens to allow the next word to manifest.
In each step of the way, I am finding that it flows easily. God’s timing is key to all our aspirations.
This Desire was planted in me almost 16 years ago. Sixteen years ago, I did not have the knowledge I needed for it to manifest itself. Over the year’s opportunities have been laid at my feet that have been the building blocks to manifesting this Dream.
At first my Desire manifested into me returning to college to get an understanding of business management. Along the way of manifesting this desire, a job was laid in front of me that reimbursed my college tuition and gave me opportunities to sharpen the skills I was learning.
The second part God laid in front of me that my Desire manifested was my now ex-husband wanting to start his own business. With the knowledge I was acquiring, I was able to Do that which was Delegated to me because Preston was unable to fulfill that end of business development. That being said, I now realize that we are each part of the others building up. Meeks Truck and Tractor Repair manifested from Preston’s Desire, which was manifested into a Dream, upon which action was taken to Do the next steps to manifest that Dream. And what he could not do, he Delegated.
It all intertwines, doesn’t it? Everything I learned from that process was setting me up for success in a future I was not able to see at the time. Does one think it is just by chance a company would actually seek me out, that gave me the opportunities to grow out of my comfort zone, that allowed me the freedom to implement team building, customer service, and quality control by chance? I do not think so.
Is it by chance alone that I have developed a strong relationships with people who are willing to support my Dreams and also have the skill sets I lack in?
My Desire is now manifested into a Dream, which has manifested into the Doing and Delegating. I am excited to see where this part of the journey will take us. I am thankful to the God who has given me the Desires of my heart. I am thankful for those who are willing to help me in my weaknesses. I am thankful to all the Doers that have forged ahead of me.

By Yarn Zen Fibers

Many years ago, I was outside playing kickball with the neighborhood kids. My grandmother called me inside and quickly informed me that "Young ladies do not play with boys!". And she sat me down beside her and taught me my first set of crochet stitches. I do not recall my age, exactly, but do remember I was still in my single digits. Today I am very much grateful for her passing this skill down to me. It has saved my life in so many ways. I have used it as physical and emotional therapy more times than I can count...

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