Blanket Sweaters


Blue Macaron Blanket Sweater and Hat

I have recently come across these sweaters on Pinterest and found them fascinating! The concept is so simple, yet it has drawn so much attention from all sorts of people. On this one I have chosen to use the V-stitch, 160 across and doing 51 rows before sewing the corners and doing rounds on the edge to create the collar. My model is an extra small, but this pattern could comfortably fit a large size, as well. I got a little frustrated with the first pattern I had found. It stated that one size fits all. Once I completed their pattern, I found that one size fits “all toddlers”. I guess it also depends on what type of yarn you use, the size hook, and your “handwriting” in stitching. I used a basic worsted, self striping yarn with an I hood on this one and the finished rectangle measured 60″ X 40″.  They go so fast for me that I should be able to get all 10 done before December. Yes! I said 10. I had posted these pictures on Facebook the day I finished this set, and in less than 24 hours I had orders coming in for them. I hope to find some nice pinks, and I defiantly know one of the items my granddaughters will be receiving for Christmas. Happy stitching, folks!

By Yarn Zen Fibers

Many years ago, I was outside playing kickball with the neighborhood kids. My grandmother called me inside and quickly informed me that "Young ladies do not play with boys!". And she sat me down beside her and taught me my first set of crochet stitches. I do not recall my age, exactly, but do remember I was still in my single digits. Today I am very much grateful for her passing this skill down to me. It has saved my life in so many ways. I have used it as physical and emotional therapy more times than I can count...


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