Daily Prompt: Ovation

via Daily Prompt: Ovation

After years worth of hiding, afraid of anything that could possibly go wrong, I was given a diagnosis I had not expected. It is amazing how a “fateful” diagnosis can open a persons eyes…bringing to realization all the things that they had truly been blind to for decades past. By the end of 2015 I knew that, if I were to continue, that nothing…absolutely NOTHING, could remain as it had been. I truly heard the song, “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw for the first time in June of last year. There were so many things I had on my “To Do” list, that, at the rate I had been going, would never get done. That all changed once I came to grips with my diagnosis. Did I want to spend the remaining years of my life wishing I could, or was I going to pull myself out of this pity pot and start living.

I chose the latter. There is absolutely nothing today that is the same as it was a year ago for me. I have learned that faith truly does move mountains. I have seen tremendous mountains moved in my life over the past 12 months. I have met a power greater than myself, and that as long as I listen to this Higher Power, no matter how insane or impossible it may seem in the moment, during a period of only being able to see a step or two ahead, that all things truly do work out for the good…not just good, but so much better than I could have ever created on my on plans and vision.

I used to fear traffic, time tables, what other people might think of me. I have faced many of my demons this year. I have overcome my fear of crowds and attended many venues. I have stood for ovations of others, and have had the honor of receiving them, myself. I have conquered mountains, and seeped in the salty waters of the sea. I have felt deeper, climbed higher, heard the hearts of others, and seen things that could only be given in the spiritual realm. It is a beautiful place. I have finally started to Face Everything And Recover! Recover from that which I had been so lost in that I had not, before the diagnosis, realized how dead I truly was.

By Yarn Zen Fibers

Many years ago, I was outside playing kickball with the neighborhood kids. My grandmother called me inside and quickly informed me that "Young ladies do not play with boys!". And she sat me down beside her and taught me my first set of crochet stitches. I do not recall my age, exactly, but do remember I was still in my single digits. Today I am very much grateful for her passing this skill down to me. It has saved my life in so many ways. I have used it as physical and emotional therapy more times than I can count...

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